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How to choose the right safari for you?

We have a fantastic variety of exciting safaris available for you to choose from. Whether you prefer to lap up the luxury or rather self-navigate through the savannah, there’s something for everyone. Check out these unique safari options and let us know which one whets your appetite.

Classic Safari ($)

Davisons Camp, Hwange, Zimbabwe

Classic safaris are the most traditional type of safari, offering an authentic wildlife experience in Africa’s famous game parks and reserves. Classic Camps are located in excellent game viewing areas with accommodation being extremely comfortable, although generally smaller than Premier or Luxury Camp accommodation. Tents have en-suite bathrooms with inside and/or outside showers. Classic Safari camps generally comprise of 10-20 guest tents, with a central dining, bar and lounge area for convivial, often buffet-style, meals where guests can swap stories about their safari adventures. At Classic Camps you can expect set meal times and safari activities, popular wines and tasty cuisine. 

Safari Itineraries


Luxury Safari ($$)

Chitabe Camp, Okavango Delta, Botswana

Luxury safaris are a more modern type of safari, offering a luxurious wildlife experience in Africa’s famous game parks and reserves. Luxury camps are located in exceptional wildlife and wilderness areas and offer superb facilities and accommodation. The large canvas tents are built in the traditional safari style and have en-suite bathrooms with inside and/or outside showers. At Luxury Camps you can expect set meal times and safari activities, choice wines and delicious cuisine.

Safari Itineraries

Premier Safari ($$$)

Mombo Camp Room Okavango Delta Wilderness Safaris

A Premier Safari is distinguished by stylish and elegant camps located in the best possible game viewing areas and characterised by sustainable, yet ultimate luxury. These camps combine superbly designed architecture with the warm comforts of home and personal service. Each has its own individual style and identity, carefully crafted to be relevant to, and in harmony with, its location. These first-class camps are designed to enhance the experience should guests decide not to go out on a safari activity. At Premier Camps you can expect flexible meal times and safari activities, fine wines and exceptional cuisine. What you pay for in a Premier Safari Camp is not just top notch service and exclusivity, but proximity to the region’s best private game-viewing areas.

Premier Safari Itineraries

Special Interest Safaris

Professional Photographic Safari

Lion, Isak Pretorius Premier Predator Safari

With this type of safari, the intention is to keep the group intimate so that you can get the ultimate tutorship and attention from your professional photographer. Enhancing your experience, improving your images and enjoying the company you are travelling with. Isak Pretorius, BBC Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2013, is a specialist wildlife photographic guide from South Africa. His bird and wildlife images have won multiple awards and have been celebrated nationally and internationally in many publications. Such a down-to-earth attitude teamed with a wealth of knowledge, make spending time in Isak’s company enjoyable and interesting. Give your camera shutter the action it deserves! 

Photographic Safari Itineraries

Horseback Safari

Ride Kenya Great Plains Conservation

Imagine yourself mounted high above the long grass and reeds watching great herds of wildebeest as they move across the plains. The breath-taking excitement when your silent progress along game paths, previously only used by animals, brings you upon a herd of buffalo or a family group of elephants.
This is every horse rider’s dream so prepare to saddle-up, Africa style!

Horseback Safari Itineraries


Self-Drive Safari

Dusty Boots Travel Self-Drive Safari, Botswana, Namibia, Zimbabwe

A self-drive safari is the ultimate road trip, the roads are often dusty four-wheel drive tracks enveloped by wildlife. The rhythm is simple, mixing dedicated safari activities with your journeys between camps. The really adventurous like to drive on their own; we’ll set you up with a reliable four-wheel drive camper, arrange all the necessary camp bookings, and offer the advice needed for a journey into the bush. You do it all by yourself, just with detailed insider knowledge from people who have done it many times before. What an adventure!

Self-Drive Safaris


Gorilla Trekking

Gorilla Trekking, Rwanda, Wilderness Safaris

Centred on Africa’s most immersive wild primate experience, this unique adventure places you in the heart of The Volcanoes National Park in Rwanda. Here you have the opportunity to take part in daily treks in search of the iconic mountain gorillas and take in the dramatic views of the peaks of the Bisoke and Karisimbi volcanoes rearing up through the surrounding forests. 


Life-Changing Journeys with Purpose

Predator Collaring Kafue National Park Wilderness Safaris

These are truly unique and exciting, hands-on, travel experiences, suitable for active people interested in life-changing, ‘purposeful’ journeys. They have been crafted to offer guests access to unique and privileged, behind-the-scenes conservation and community projects. On these itineraries we invite you to collar an elephant or big cat, count wildlife, find out more about anti-poaching efforts and meet neighbouring communities. All funds raised from these itineraries are directly channelled into anti-poaching units and conservation programs. This option really does require you to get your boots dusty!



Whether you are interested in an active safari experience or prefer to take it easy, we have incredible, custom-designed safaris available for everyone. Once you have chosen what type of safari you want to embark on, all that remains is to choose your destination. Other exciting activities differ from destination to destination and include guided bush walks, sunset river cruises, birding safaris, hot air ballooning, helicopter flights & cultural excursions. Subscribe to our newsletter to be the first to read our next blog piece, all about our safari destinations. Other exciting activities differ from destination to destination and include guided bush walks, sunset river cruises, birding safaris, hot air ballooning, helicopter flights & cultural excursions.

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Riaan Van den Berg

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