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June 02, 2019

Why are safaris so expensive?

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  • One of the main reasons for the expense of a safari is the remote locations of the camps, making daily logistics a challenge. Just imagine the organisation and planning of meals in order to have fresh food on the table 3 times a day in a very remote location. This is done, professionally, but at a cost so that you and I can enjoy great safaris and have fresh and healthy meals in the remote corners of Africa
  • Small camp sizes and remote safari locations ensure authentic, private safari experiences with fewer guests e.g. Botswana has a high income, low volume policy
  • Guiding and service levels are of a very high standard
  • Most camps offer luxurious and very comfortable accommodation, even the mobile safari camps are very comfortable and well laid out
  • The constant threat to wildlife populations also effects the price of a safari, and with no end in sight there’s no time like the present to go on safari


How can you save on the cost of a safari, but still enjoy a well-planned and exciting experience?

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  • One option is to travel outside of peak safari season dates which is generally between June and October
  • Last minute bookings are also great money savers and possible in all seasons, but not with all travel partners in Africa. There is a risk that availability could be a challenge, especially in peak safari season, and is therefore only advisable if you have flexible travel dates
  • Visiting fewer locations also curbs the safari cost as flying from camp to camp, in remote regions in Africa, is not cheap. Staying in fewer locations that are in close proximity to each other, can make a big difference in the cost of a safari. For some people however, this is not a compromise they are willing to make as they want to see diverse landscapes and cultures on their African adventure
  • Mobile camps are a bit more basic and can be an option, if you don’t mind roughing it
  • We have excellent special offers from our professional travel partners whereby you can save money as follows: stay for 5 nights, but pay for 4, stay for 7, but pay for 6, stay for 10, but pay for 8 etc.
  • Another option, one that we do not recommend however, is to join the bigger, tour groups. These experiences are less flexible and less private, but do come cheaper, and may be an option for younger safari enthusiasts


Which options are best for you?

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Well this depends on your time constraints, interests, budget and expectations. Once we have some indication of these critical factors, we can make some suitable suggestions which we can fine-tune together to design a perfect safari itinerary for you.

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We will be happy to help you plan. Get in touch with Riaan or Caroline via Messengeremail, phone, Facebook or Instagram 


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