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Self Drive Overland Safaris

Picture the scene. Cackling hyenas were heard through the night. Wildebeest and zebra are grazing nearby. You’re packing up and hitting the dust, about to drive four hours across landscapes without people. Road signs warn of crossing elephants, rivers are occupied by hippos, and eagles soar ahead. What an adventure! By driving across Botswana, and the rest of Southern Africa, you start connecting habitats and ecosystems, building a grand impression of the natural world. It’s dusty and it’s exhilarating, a real sense of freedom on the country’s deserted roads. And even when you’re not in a national park or concession, it’s amazing how much wildlife you get to see along the road.

A self drive safari is the ultimate road trip, the roads often dusty, four-wheel drive tracks enveloped by wildlife. The rhythm is simple, mixing dedicated safari activities with your journeys between camps. The really adventurous like to drive on their own; we’ll set you up with a reliable four-wheel drive camper, arrange all the necessary camp bookings, and offer the advice needed for a journey into the bush. You do it all by yourself, just with detailed insider knowledge from people who have done it many times before. With a four-wheel drive vehicle every journey is a game drive, but you may also add some extra activities like a mokoro or motorboat safari.

But what if you’ve never driven a four-wheel drive before? What if the thought of highway-crossing elephants gets you a little tense? We also organize guided self drive safaris, with a small group of vehicles traveling in convoy together. Guides help you get close to wildlife and the experience allows you to push your own boundaries, without having to go it alone in lion and leopard country.


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