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N/a’an ku sê - Animal Enrichments

Animal Enrichments

You will have the privilege to be able to take some of the juvenile baboons from the sanctuary out for enrichment walks and provide them with the opportunity to forage, explore the veldt and splash around in the local waterholes. The baboon walks are primarily for their enrichment as well as an opportunity for volunteers to learn more about, and bond with, these amazing primates. Taking the baboons for walks gives them the opportunity to forage and diversify their diet, stretch their legs and climb anything and everything in sight, including you. You may also get the chance to interact hands-on with certain animals at the sanctuary depending on the needs and types of animals at the time of your arrival. Sometimes our youngest animals need to be “babysat” and provided with extra attention while other animals require quiet observation and company. With orphaned and injured animals arriving throughout the year, you never know who may be in need of some extra tender loving care!


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