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African Dream Horse Safaris is a totally unique project with opportunities and experiences that differ greatly from other horse safari programs, which you’ll find in South Africa, with an emphasis on having fun. While you are with us you will learn about working with and riding horses, as well as spend time in the bush acquiring the knowledge of the South African wildlife. You’ll get to experience the beauty of South Africa and live your African Dream.
The program is designed for groups of up to ten, who are interested in learning more about an equestrian centre and the management thereof, including all aspects such as understanding the correct way to ride, handling of horses, general horse and equipment care, basic yard management, safety, instruction, schooling, basic veterinary, riding skills both in the wildlife and in an arena, horse behaviour, natural horsemanship and horse trails in combination with a unique nature experience, with an emphasis on conservation, including nature guiding in the natural environment, basic knowledge of ecosystems, identification, tracks and signs, animal behaviour and so much more.

 Volunteers can either catch a shuttle or a flight from Johannesburg’s international airport, O.R Tambo, to Hoedspruit and then ferried to their new home in the bush. The Equestrian centre is situated within the Hoedspruit Wildlife Estate, which is ten minutes from the Bushcamp. It is a 420 hectare nature reserve. The estate has Leopard, Hyena and most of the herbivores, carnivores, omnivores, reptiles, snakes, primates, smaller cats, eagles, vultures, birds, insects and their relatives that you find in the Savanna biome. During the game drives and outrides we offer, you’ll almost always see a variety of animals.


We have traverse rights on adjacent nature reserves which are part of the Greater Kruger and are home to the BIG 5 (lion, elephant, rhino, leopard and buffalo), as well as many other animal species and during the project volunteers will go on game drives and night drives in the wild to expose them to as much wildlife possible.


Besides the day to day activities which make up the program, you will be given enough free time to explore the many beautiful spots in the area, including the Blyde River Canyon (the largest green canyon in the world), the world famous Kruger National Park, God’s Window in Graskop and many more. Other excursions include hiking along courses of waterfalls and visiting one of the many animal rehabilitation centres in the area. We are also situated close enough to the town of Hoedspruit for those who like to get out and enjoy an evening at one of the local restaurants.



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