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8 night Botswana Safari - Duba Plains - Zarafa - Mpala Jena

The lodges chosen for this 8 night itinerary are located in some of Botswana's and Zimbabwe’s iconic regions.

The renowned Duba Plains Camp sits in the heart of classic Okavango Delta habitat and is considered to be the Okavango’s Maasai Mara because of the sheer volume of wildlife.

The Selinda Reserve is home to Zarafa Camp and is a truly spectacular and varied landscape that boasts staggering wildlife populations in diverse habitats year-round.

Mpala Jena Camp is an exquisite tented camp, located in a private concession within Zambezi National Park overlooking a beautiful stretch of Zambezi River and in the shade of indigenous trees.

Please note this is a suggested itinerary which is 100% customizable and often subject to special offers when booked in various configurations.


We would love to help you plan an amazing safari in Africa. While this itinerary is available as suggested, it can also be customized to suit your individual budget, interests and time constraints.

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