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Mombo Camp

Long known as “The Place of Plenty,” Mombo boasts enormous concentrations of plains game and predators and is arguably considered one of the best areas for game-viewing in Africa.  

Newly rebuilt, the concept of Mombo is to maintain the traditions and history of the camp, as well as to celebrate its Conservation Purpose - indeed, one of the greatest conservation successes: the reintroduction of black and white rhino into the wilds of Botswana. 
The nine spacious tents afford sweeping views over a floodplain teeming with wildlife. Inside, a sitting room, separate bedroom and bathroom with copper and brass finishings that contribute to the ideal of responsible luxury.

The fully inclusive rates are not just about the level of accommodation or the thread count of the linen. They encompass elements that cannot be counted or measured, such as exclusive access to vast tracts of Africa’s best wildlife areas, creating a unique sense of seclusion, comfort, privacy and space. In turn, your presence helps in the conservation of all these iconic areas. Our dedicated team look forward to designing a journey that suits your budget and bucket list desires.

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