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Vumbura Plains Camp

Luxurious Vumbura Plains lies in an area that is a mix of water and dry land. The wildlife is diverse, so that both land and water activities on vehicles, mokoro and boats deliver an all-round African safari experience.

Vumbura Plains comprises two separate satellite camps, consisting of 14 spacious rooms raised off the ground.  Each of the rooms are unique and contemporary in design with a private plunge pool and 'sala’ - a place from which to watch the passing parade of wildlife, indulge in a soothing massage, or simply succumb to a sumptuous siesta.

The Vumbura Concession is leased from five villages through the Okavango Community Trust in a partnership that ensures that the benefits of ecotourism are shared with our neighbouring rural stakeholders.

The fully inclusive rates are not just about the level of accommodation or the thread count of the linen. They encompass elements that cannot be counted or measured, such as exclusive access to vast tracts of Africa’s best wildlife areas, creating a unique sense of seclusion, comfort, privacy and space. In turn, your presence helps in the conservation of all these iconic areas. Our dedicated team look forward to designing a journey that suits your budget and bucket list desires.

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